With over 10,000 lakes and 69,000 miles of rivers and streams, fishing ranks as Minnesota’s #1 outdoor activity! It supports over 27,000 jobs and generates a whopping $4.2 billion economic impact to our state’s economy! Minnesota ranks 2nd nationally in resident fishing participation and is the 3rd most popular fishing destination in the nation. It also ranks 4th per capita in watercraft registration by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Minnesota has truly earned its reputation and title as the . . . “State of Fishing!"

MN-FISH Newsletter November 2021

November 18, 2021

November 2020 Newsletter. Check out what MN-FISH has been up to and what is coming next.

MN-FISH Donates Boat to Camp Fire Minnesota to Inspire a Next Generation of Minnesota Anglers

May 6, 2021

Creating a new generation of Minnesota anglers who love fishing and respect Minnesota’s beloved fishing resources is the goal behind a donation by two Minnesota-based organizations…

MN-FISH Newsletter April 2021

April 14, 2021

November 2020 Newsletter. Check out what MN-FISH has been up to and what is coming next.

These are amazing statistics . . . but our fisheries can't be taken for granted or they will be lost!

Minnesota’s land of 10,000 lakes, rivers and streams are under constant attack from invasive species, habitat loss, lakeshore development and increased fishing pressure resulting in lower catch rates and reduced enjoyment of our passion. We are also witnessing a major decline in kid/youth fishing participation, a reduction of fish stocking programs and fishing license sales. Since 2010, the legislature has not made major new investments for fish hatcheries, new public accesses, fishing piers and shore fishing facilities despite the $200-$300 million in state taxes generated each year by economic fishing-related activity. Our state fish, the Walleye, doesn’t even have lobbying representation at the State Capitol!


The MN-FISH Sportfishing Foundation and Coalition, led by President Ron Schara, was formed to help reverse these negative trends and bring a strong, unified voice to St. Paul advocating for our anglers, our fisheries and our next generation of anglers.

There is only one way to take on these fishing related issues and raise awareness . . . and that’s working together! That’s why fishing leaders, innovators and legends came together to build a grassroots fishing advocacy group focused on improving fishing for future generations to enjoy. It’s your “State of Fishing”, and we need you to become a grassroots participant. Together, we can accomplish our mission!


Ron Schara

“For too long Minnesota anglers have not had a strong voice in the Legislature and DNR to promote good fishing programs and policies.  Our goal with MN-FISH is to further the sport of fishing and fishing opportunities . . .  and “shorten-the-time-between-bites.”

Babe Winkelman

Babe Winkelman

“Time and technology is taking its toll on our resources, and anglers and stakeholders know that modifications to regulations and our fisheries programs are much needed in order to restore our strong fishing heritage for future generations to enjoy.”

Steve Pennaz

“Our aquatic resources, fisheries and sport of fishing are being challenged here in Minnesota like never before. As stewards of the “Land of 10,000 Lakes," we must do our part to preserve and protect it for our kids and future generations to enjoy.”


Al Lindner

“Our goal is to reverse the continued decline in kid/youth participation thru programs to promote youth fishing recruitment and competitive fishing in school curriculums."


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