Tavel Pass MN-FISH

Walker, MN – The MN-FISH Sportfishing Foundation has a message for Governor Walz – allow anglers and boaters to travel statewide.

According to the statement released today by the MN-FISH board of directors: “The MN-FISH Sportfishing Association board is requesting Gov. Walz to clarify his Stay at Home Orders and allow travel across the state for all anglers, boaters and supportive businesses.”

“We strongly support Gov. Walz’s position on getting outdoors and believe that statewide travel for anglers and boaters is inherently safe with existing social distancing practices already in place,” said MN-FISH president Ron Schara.

Today, the Governor issued an executive order allowing bait shops and marinas to reopen. However, outdoor recreational equipment retail stores, charter boats, launches and guided fishing businesses remain closed.