To MN-FISH members and supporters –
Soon you will receive (or have already) the just mailed MN-FISH decal and brochure highlighting our 2023 legislative goals and achievements. In addition, you’ll be reminded again of why non-profit MN-FISH was organized and why the organization is so important to representing state anglers in the Legislature as well as DNR.

You’ll also note that none of this—our mission, our goals—can continue without your support, including donations. It takes money to play the legislative game in St. Paul, such as hiring lobbyists to push for fixing fish hatcheries and public boat accesses.

Enough said. Please renew your membership if necessary or simply send us a donation (click here to do either https://mn-fish.com/mn-fish-membership/) as we continue to ‘’shorten the time between bites.’’

Good fishing,
Ron Schara

PS—The MN-FISH World Greatest Fishing Auction is NEXT WEEK!
Go to MN-FISH.com to bid.

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