How they biting? Soon we will know.

I’m referring to the Minnesota Legislature. Will our lawmakers support Gov. Walz budget recommendations to direct $110 million to fix up our outdated fish hatcheries and public boat accesses? As I hope you know, MN-FISH— with your help— has been pushing for this investment for two years.

Now you need to speak up again. Call or write your legislators and let them know you support the governor’s budget recommendations for hatcheries and accesses. This is critical. Your representatives must hear from you or they’ll think you don’t care or don’t know or don’t give a damn.

As you may know, the DNR is asking lawmakers to increase our fishing license fees. A resident license, for example, would go from $25 to $30 if this is passed. Now $5 isn’t much. But we also know fishing license fees alone won’t be enough to upgrade our fish management program.

At the moment, your MN-FISH board of directors is remaining neutral on the fee increase.

Why? We want to know specifically what DNR fisheries intends to do with the boost in funding.


Anglers always have supported fish management. We just need to make sure the dollars go for that. The last fishing license increase was in 2017. I’ll say this, too. Compared to a ticket to watch the Vikings for 4 hours, a fee of $30 to fish 365 days is pretty cheap. Stay tuned.

Before I close, I must ask you again to support MN-FISH with your membership dollars or contributions. To push for fishing in the legislature requires lobbyist and mailings, etc., and those efforts are not free. If you don’t help, we won’t be shortening the time between bites.

Good fishing,
Ron Schara