When We Work Together, We Get Big Things Done

We’d like to thank all MN-FISH Members and benefactors for your support since we launched in 2018. Our goal since day one was to “Shorten the Time Between Bites” for Minnesota anglers and today, we are thrilled to announce that Governor Walz 2023 budget includes $110.0 Million to do just that. Below is a press release shared late last week announcing this big news. But as you’ll see our work is far from over, so I ask that you continue to support MN-FISH financially so we have the resources to get needed bills passed this legislative session. Go to MN-FISH.com to donate…after you get a chance to read the exciting news below!

Ron Schara

MN-FISH is proud to announce a huge success working on behalf of Minnesota anglers.

Public Water Access

On Thursday, January 19th, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced he is budgeting $110 million to fund hatcheries and public water access improvements throughout the state. The money will come out of the general fund—a first in many years—and through bonding.

“This is a great first step,” said MN-FISH president Ron Schara. “Now, the legislature needs to join with Governor Walz and pass this historic reinvestment in fishing.”

“This is huge news,” said MN-Fish executive director Mark Holsten. “The main goal of MN-FISH since it was launched was to work on behalf of Minnesota anglers and improve the quality of fishing throughout the state. From day one, several members of the state’s fishing community have volunteered to bring anglers’ voices to the state capitol through the organization MN-FISH, and it is working.”

Great Fishing In MN Future

“This is a big first step to ensure Minnesota continues to offer great fishing now and into the future.”

“It’s clear Governor Walz understands the importance of fishing and its $4.4 billion annual economic impact in the state,” added Schara. “Now, the question is, will our lawmakers step up as well to shorten the time between bites?” Mark Holsten, former Minnesota DNR Commissioner stated, “Governor Walz’ budget demonstrates that he listens to and reacts to real challenges.”

“25% of Minnesota’s population consider themselves anglers”

“Today marks a significant investment in rebuilding our state’s hatcheries and public water accesses,” said MN-FISH Communications Director Steve Pennaz. “Looking forward, there will be a continued need for similar investments. This is just the launch point, but a very significant one.” Surveys and state licensing statistics reveal that 25% of Minnesota’s population consider themselves anglers—roughly 1.4 million persons. Historically, Minnesota has made significant public access and fisheries-related investments, but that has not been the case over the last decade or so. Today’s announcement demonstrates re-dedication to a very defining aspect of what makes Minnesota such a great state.

Fishing MN Identity

Fishing is a huge part in our identity as Minnesotans. Through this recent funding, the state recognizes the importance of reconnecting the public to that, as well as keeping our vital $4.4 billion angler-driven economy going,” concluded Holsten.

MN-FISH Would Like To Thank…

the diverse Minnesota angling community for their continued support and voice in making these advances possible. Their engagement has been critical in our mission to keep fishing strong in Minnesota.

The Non-Profit MN-FISH Foundation Was Founded….

in 2018 by a volunteer group of dedicated anglers concerned about the future of fishing in Minnesota. For more information, or to join, visit MNFISH’s updated website: MN-FISH.com.