I’d like to take this time to celebrate both the Fourth of July and you, the supporters of MN-FISH. Despite the weird weather for most of Minnesota this spring, the fishing is still good and this week is a great time to be on the water.

Here’s a bit of an update on your organization…

MN-FISH continues to be a ‘’player’’ in on-going talks with DNR fisheries, searching for solutions on a variety of challenges facing DNR fisheries managers, from regulation changes, invasive carp to budget woes.

We continue to seek greater reinvestment into fishing at the state level. Our goal for the next legislative session remains the same as the last one: $3 million to begin the search and engineering for a new, modern metro fish hatchery. Besides raising fish for stocking in state waters, we envision a DNR facility where the public, especially school groups, can tour and learn about fish culture and fish management in Minnesota.

The current metro hatchery was built 125 years ago and looks it, despite impressive efforts by DNR staff to keep the ancient thing running.

In the months ahead, we expect MN-FISH will be involved in other fisheries issues, such as year-around bass season, ice fishing garbage, state walleye limit change, invasive carp controls and more.

Also, congratulations and a big thank you to Dave Olfelt for his years of leadership as the DNR Director of Fish and Wildlife. His willingness to open doors and let MN-FISH in to ask tough questions about the state of DNR fisheries management and their needs will lead to a bright future for anglers. Enjoy your retirement!

In the meantime, MN-FISH continues to need your financial support. Please donate. It’s simple: Go to MN-FISH.com and click on the donate tab. We’re making progress, but we need all anglers to help row the boat.

Good fishing,
Ron Schara, President

The MN-FISH Foundation and Coalition holds nonprofit status, recognized by the IRS under section 501(c)3 and 501(c)4.

The 2nd half of the open water season is upon us and there are some changes about to take place:

The 2nd half of the open water season is upon us and there are some changes about to take place:

Tom's Fish
Many of the lakes in Minnesota go through a transitional chance for walleyes and other species this time of year. Once fish start to change over from spring patterns to summer the food sources they pursue can be different. Early in the season minnows are the preferred choice of bait and artificials that simulate live bait can be the ticket. As other food sources become available, walleyes will be attracted to other forage. Leeches, night crawlers, and plastics can come into their own in attracting bites. Time of the day can be crucial and especially when considering clear water versus stained.

Daytime walleye fishing can be tough in the summer so therefore low light conditions or moderate wind can change things around and provide better opportunities. Most often as summer is upon us, early and late in the day can be most productive. As good as the jig and minnow bite has been early in the season, the “everything including the kitchen sink” now comes into play. Spinners and crawlers, leeches and crawlers on a slip sinker rig, Slip bobbers with leeches or s half a crawler, or a jig and minnow all have their place and will put walleyes on the end of your line.

But what depth should I be fishing you ask? A very gifted angler named Gary Roach told me that when he is asked he always tells the person “Shallow, deep, or in between”. Kind of makes sense doesn’t it.

Many species of fish become very active when the water temperatures reach the low 70’s. Large and small mouth bass are becoming very active in the new emerging weed beds. Northern Pike and panfish are also shopping for new territories to set up shop. It’s a great time of year if you are a multi-species angler there is something for everyone and the table is set. It’s time for the main course.

MN-Fish wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July Weekend.

Tom Neustrom

Anglers For Better Fishing. MN-FISH

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