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COME JOIN US and get involved. Sign up and receive a FREE 2-Year Charter Membership! Or make a donation to become an individual Founding or Life member, or a Corporate, Individual Donor, Club or Foundation Benefactor sponsor.



(Adults & Youth)

  • Charter Member – FREE 2-Year Membership – (Benefits include access to exclusive MN-FISH e-newsletter and invites to all special events for a period of 2 years.)
  • Founding Member - $35 annual dues – (Membership benefits include access to exclusive MN-FISH Benefit Rewards Program discounts, monthly e-newsletter, invites to all special events and a MN-FISH window/boat decal.)
  • Life Member - $250 one-time donation – (Membership benefits include access to exclusive MN-FISH Benefits Rewards Program discounts, monthly e-newsletter, invites to all special events, a MN-FISH window/boat decal and special Life Membership #.)

         *Learn more about the membership details below


(Corporate, Individual Donors, Clubs, Foundations)

  • Bronze Sponsor - $250 - $999

  • Copper Sponsor - $1,000 - $9,999

  • Silver Sponsor - $10,000 or more


“Friends of MN-FISH” Charter Member – FREE - (All nonprofit Government Organizations and Associations within Tourism, Ag, Local Communities etc., that provide a service to MN-FISH will receive a FREE 2-year Charter Membership and access to monthly e-newsletters.)

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$250 Donation

$250-$999 Donation


Take Advantage of Your MN-FISH Membership Benefits!

Thank you for your support of MN-FISH! We are committed to building a strong, unified voice in St. Paul that represents all anglers and key stakeholders in Minnesota who support our mission to protect, restore and preserve our state fisheries and aquatic habitat.

We encourage all Charter, Founding, Life, Benefactor and Nonprofit “Friends of MN-FISH” members to take advantage of all your MN-FISH member benefits, including our monthly e-newsletter and “Members Only” MN-FISH Benefit Rewards Program – which offers Discounts for paid memberships on MN-FISH Partner Products and Services.

Benefit Rewards Program Discounts:

The MN-FISH Benefit Rewards Program for exclusive discounts (details to be announced soon) will be available for paid memberships only.  It qualifies you for special discounts on fishing and marine equipment, gear, lodging, fishing guides, fuel, food, beverages and more.  These paid memberships include individual Founding and Life members, along with Corporate, Individual Donors, Clubs and Foundations that join under the Benefactor Sponsorship program.

If you are not receiving emailed communication from MN-FISH, please make sure we have your current email address.  Click this LINK to update your information.

*Any Corporation, Club, Foundation, Organization or Individual Donor that makes an annual contribution of cash, approved gifts, goods, services or merchandise valued at $250 or more will be classified as a MN-FISH Benefactor Sponsor.

*Benefits include visibility on MN-FISH website, eligibility for MN-FISH Benefit Rewards Program discounts, a window/boat decal, monthly e-newsletter access and invites to all special events.

*Donors making contributions of $10,000 or more will receive additional benefit of a plaque at our annual MN-FISH Awards Banquet along with name recognition on the MN-FISH Headquarters “Wall-of-Fame”.

The MN-FISH Coalition is represented, supported and sponsored by leading Minnesota industry manufacturers, sporting good & marine dealerships, outdoor media groups, resorts, motels etc. to promote the economics of fishing in Minnesota that creates more jobs, tourism and tax dollars to stimulate our fishing economy.

MN-FISH Supporting Sponsors with Member Benefits

MN-FISH Supporting Sponsors

tony roach

Tony Roach

“As a Minnesota fishing guide who promotes CPR fishing (catch, photo & release) and the MN-FISH mission, there is nothing more important than clean water and a healthy multi species fishery.”



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