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MN-FISH President, Ron Schara
MN-FISH President, Ron Schara

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither are new fishing organizations.  However, we’re getting there. We have been increasing memberships, watching our pennies and creating a communication system to reach MN-FISH members, Legislators and other players in Minnesota’s fishing complex.

Since our launch at the Northwest Sportshow in March 2019, the board of directors has been busy. Here’s a few steps forward in the name of better fishing:
  • MN-FISH worked with Legislators to create a bill to establish a $200,000 grant to organizations developing school fishing programs.  It passed and was signed by Gov. Walz.  
  • MN-FISH was represented at the Governor’s Fishing Opener in Albert Lea.
  • We’ve met a number of times with DNR Commissioner, Sarah Strommen and DNR Fisheries Chief, Brad Parsons to discuss fishing issues and what role MN-FISH might play. For example, bonding money to improve state walleye hatcheries, increased boating accesses and shoreline public fishing docks and improve walleye stamp sales.
  • In August, MN-FISH attended Game Fair to expand our message to people who have a passion for the outdoors and gained several hundred new members.  
  • In September, we had a booth at Big Rock Sports Show, which is only open to fishing tackle dealers and manufacturers.  Our goal was to alert people of MN-FISH’s mission, and also, to remind everyone in the business of fishing that we need to work together.
  • Lastly, the board has worked to develop new fund raising ideas.  While nobody at MN-FISH is paid, there are expenses as we work to develop social outreach systems or pay for sportshow events.

Please consider making a donation.  As a non-profit organization, we depend on the shared passion and charity of Minnesota anglers to survive and get things done.   If we want to make an impact on the State of Fishing, it can’t be done on the cheap.   Go to MN-FISH.com and donate today.    

Good fishing,

Ron Schara President, MN-FISH

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