To MN-FISH members and fellow anglers –

Fall fishing is winding down. Ice Fishing shows are up ahead to help scratch the ice angling itch. Meanwhile…..your MN-FISH leaders have been busy moving the ‘’good fishing’’ needle forward.

A few weeks ago, we met with DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen and her fisheries and boat access staff. We wanted to know DNR’s plans to update fish hatcheries and repair boat accesses now that MN-FISH played a legislative role in attaining $95 million for those improvements. At the meeting DNR shared their priorities lists: Number One on the hatchery list is the Waterville facility that may require $20 to $30 million but will become a state of the art fish hatchery never before seen in Minnesota.

DNR also listed repair priorities for dozens of boat accesses, including new facilities. Keep in mind, there are more than 3,000 public lake accesses, of which DNR is responsible for roughly 1,500 of those. Repair costs range from more than $1 million to an estimated average of $400,000.

Fixing our fishing infrastructures ain’t cheap. Especially since our lawmakers have ignored most of the problems for decades. All of which means, MN-FISH will be back at the 2024 Legislature to seek bonding dollars to keep fixing, keep repairing.

MN-FISH is also involved in solving the bait shortage issue as Executive Director, Mark Holsten, and Board Member Tom Neustrom arrange meetings with DNR and bait retailers, trappers, distributors. Oh yes, we also share our concerns with officials about invasive carp swimming up the Mississippi River.

So what can you do to help?

  1. Renew memberships at MN-FISH.com. Make a donation.
  2. Come see us at the Hard Water Expo in Blaine on November 17-19.
  3. Come see at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show on December 1-3.
  4. Other fishing issues on your mind? Tell us.

P.S. Some sad news for us. Board member Steve Pennaz has moved to Montana which means we’ll miss his leadership, ideas and support. Instead of hunting walleyes he’s hunting elk. Dang.

MN-FISH will continue to keep Minnesota Fishing Strong… IF WE GET YOUR HELP AND CONTRIBUTIONS. This is the real world.

Good fishing,

Ron Schara, President


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