PWA Projects

Northwest Region 1

Northwest Region 1

Identified Public Water Access Projects
DNR RegionReg PriorityCountyProject LocationCost Estimate
Northwest1.1DouglasLake Carlos, W$433,000
Northwest1.2RoseauWarroad River, Ka Ka Geesik$750,000
Northwest1.3CassCass Lake, Hwy 2$690,000
Northwest1.4Lake of the WoodsRainy River, Wheeler's Point$1,445,000
Northwest1.5OttertailLida Lake, North$347,000
Northwest1.6DouglasReno Lake, NE$404,000
Northwest1.7CassLeech Lake, Erickson Landing$867,000
Northwest1.8BeckerBad Medicine Lake$404,000
Northwest1.10MahnomenTulaby Lake$289,000
Northwest1.11BeckerAcorn Lake$202,000
Northwest1.15BeckerToad Lake$290,000
Northwest1.18TraverseTraverse Lake, County Park, #3$650,000

Northeast Region 2

Identified Public Water Access Projects
DNR RegionReg PriorityCountyProject LocationCost Estimate
Northeast2.1St. LouisLake Vermilion, Moccasin Point$3,250,000
Northeast2.2Crow WingLower Hay Lake$520,000
Northeast2.3PineSturgeon Lake$723,000
Northeast2.4Crow WingMille Lacs, Garrison, Pike Point$1,950,000
Northeast2.5LakeLake Superior, Knife River Harbor$1,300,000
Northeast2.6St. LouisCrane Lake, Waters Edge$1,041,000
Northeast2.7St. LouisVermilion, Oak Narrows$1,300,000
Northeast2.8PineCross Lake, Snake River, S, Riverside$578,000
Northeast2.9Crow WingNorth Long Lake, NW$173,550
Northeast2.10ItascaPokegama Lake, Tioga$289,250
Northeast2.11St. LouisWhite Iron Lake$202,000
Northeast2.12KoochichingRainy River, Kuttes$433,000
Northeast2.16St. LouisBear Head Lake, Bear Head State Park$347,000
Northeast Region 2
Central Region 3

Central Region 3

Identified Public Water Access Projects
DNR RegionReg PriorityCountyProject LocationCost Estimate
Central3.1WrightSugar Lake, S$491,000
Central3.2CarverAuburn Lake, County Park$404,000
Central3.3DakotaMississippi River, South St. Paul$752,000
Central3.4StearnsRice Lake, South$232,000
Central3.5WashingtonSt. Croix River, William O'Brien SP$376,000
Central3.6HennepinWhaletail Lake$462,000
Central3.7StearnsKoronis Lake, County Park$578,000
Central3.8ChisagoSouth Center Lake$1,380,000
Central3.9KanabecAnn Lake$144,000
Central3.10HennepinCrow/Mississippi River, Dayton$578,000
Central3.11ToddBig Birch Lake, N$578,000

Southern Region 4

Identified Public Water Access Projects
DNR RegionReg PriorityCountyProject LocationCost Estimate
Southern4.1KandiyohiElkhorn Lake$202,000
Southern4.2Blue EarthMadison Lake, E$723,000
Southern4.3RiceShields Lake$665,000
Southern4.4SibleyMinnesota River, Belle Plaine$433,000
Southern4.5MeekerManuella Lake$578,000
Southern4.6LeSueurGerman Lake, N$694,000
Southern4.7McLeodMarion Lake, SE$433,000
Southern4.8RiceMazaska Lake, SE$520,000
Southern4.9KandiyohiNorway Lake, S$925,000
Southern4.10SteeleRice Lake$289,000
Southern4.12KandiyohiGreen Lake, NW, Rush Brown$289,000
Southern4.13KandiyohiGreen Lake, County Park 5 (NE)$433,000
Southern Region 4

Small-Scale Projects

Small-scale projects will address one or more components of severely deteriorated and/or outdated facilities.

These modernization improvements may include:

  • Constructing wider drive lanes, and wider and longer parking stalls to accommodate larger tow vehicles and boats
  • Providing longer launch ramps where water level fluctuations have become a persistent challenge
  • Fixing parking lot elevations and slopes to improve drainage and add stormwater treatment
  • Adding AIS cleaning areas where boaters can safely stop, drain the boat, and remove entangle aquatic vegetation
    Updating paths and walkways to incorporate universal design principles
  • Enhancing habitat for pollinators, fish, and wildlife by planting native vegetation and creating shoreline buffers
2024 Small-Scale Projects

Draft Details

DRAFT details for small-scale projects (numbers w/i categories subject to change)
Potential projects~ # Sites~ CostTotal
Parking lot and drive lane improvements30$85,000$2,500,000
Stormwater improvements: slope, culverts, erosion control, storage or infiltration30$50,000$1,500,000
New or extended/ enhanced ramps50$20,000$1,000,000