To MN-FISH members and fellow anglers –

When it comes to fund-raising, most of us are better at fishing. That said, MN-FISH cannot survive without constantly raising revenue to hire legislature lobbyists, pay for brochure printing costs, etc. This is the real world.

I hope that explains why MN-FISH is launching THE WORLD’S GREATEST FISHING AND HUNTING AUCTION starting Sept. 12 and ending Sept. 17. Click MN-FISH 2023 Auction to visit auction site.

The online auction includes dozens of unique hunting or fishing adventures plus fancy deer blinds, Wild experience, Bud Burger bronze and on and on. These donated items along with your winning bid will keep us in business. It means MN-FISH can continue to remind our legislators that Minnesota must invest in our hatcheries, boat accesses, fishing docks, shoreline fishing sites, bait shortage issues, Mississippi carp controls and on and on.

If we anglers don’t ask for legislative support, it won’t happen. History tells us that. Investing in fishing has been neglected for more than a decade by our legislators. But no more.

MN-FISH will continue to keep Minnesota Fishing Strong… IF WE GET YOUR HELP AND CONTRIBUTIONS. This is the real world.

Good fishing,
Ron Schara, President

Anglers For Better Fishing

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