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MN-FISH Donates Boat to Camp Fire Minnesota to Inspire a Next Generation of Minnesota Anglers

By MN-FISH | May 6, 2021

Creating a new generation of Minnesota anglers who love fishing and respect Minnesota’s beloved fishing resources is the goal behind a donation by two Minnesota-based organizations…

MN-FISH Newsletter April 2021

By MN-FISH | April 14, 2021

November 2020 Newsletter. Check out what MN-FISH has been up to and what is coming next.

A Tribute To Ron Lindner

By MN-FISH | December 7, 2020

Ron Schara MN-FISH President “On behalf of our MN-FISH Board and members, we are saddened by the death of Ron Lindner, a fishing legend whose angling contributions go far beyond our Minnesota lakes and rivers. His passion for fishing – any kind of fish, anywhere – was ageless. Ron was always thinking of how to…

MN-FISH Newsletter November 2020

By MN-FISH | November 9, 2020

November 2020 Newsletter. Check out what MN-FISH has been up to and what is coming next.

MN-FISH Newsletter July 2020

By MN-FISH | July 2, 2020

July 2020 Newsletter. Read on to see what is happening with MN-FISH.

mn-fish covid-19 response

MN-FISH COVID-19 Position Statement

By MN-FISH | April 29, 2020

MN-FISH’s Letter To The Governor

By MN-FISH | April 29, 2020

On April 28th, 2020 MN-FISH sent a letter to Gov. Walz with recommendations for rebuilding our states economy and restoring our way of life.

MN-FISH Newsletter 4-21-20

By MN-FISH | April 22, 2020

A year ago, a new non-profit fishing organization called MN-FISH was launched for the purpose of “shortening-the-time-between-bites”. Our goalwas to give state anglers what we haven’t had; greater representation in the Minnesota Legislature. We also intended to act as a watchdog andsupport DNR fish management decisions when appropriate. During this startup period, we discovered MNFISH…

MN-FISH Buy A Walleye Stamp

Support Better Walleye Fishing – Buy a Minnesota Walleye Stamp

By MN-FISH | April 21, 2020

WALKER, MN – With fishing opener just weeks away, now is the time to buy a Walleye Stamp or two and support better walleye fishing in Minnesota. The $5 Walleye Stamp is not required to fish or keep walleye in Minnesota. However, it raises money to supplement the state’s walleye stocking efforts, and that’s especially…

Tavel Pass MN-FISH

Anglers/Boaters to Governor Walz- Allow Statewide Travel

By MN-FISH | April 17, 2020

Walker, MN – The MN-FISH Sportfishing Foundation has a message for Governor Walz – allow anglers and boaters to travel statewide. According to the statement released today by the MN-FISH board of directors: “The MN-FISH Sportfishing Association board is requesting Gov. Walz to clarify his Stay at Home Orders and allow travel across the state…

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